Sunday, March 28, 2010

Brown bag this!

My beautiful blogging friend had asked about my latest project (a paper bag album), so now that I have it completed, here are some photo's.

This album is a special gift for my oldest daughter and is filled with pictures of the new grandbaby - her niece.

It was alot of fun... and was very simple to do. A friend of mine just finished one also, but hers is a recipe book - filled with all of her favorite recipes. There are so many wonderful ideas!

Each paperbag provides cute pockets to hold tags or photos, or even special memorabilia like ticket stubs, show programs, even paintings and drawings.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a regular ol' paper lunch sack?!!


Lisa said...

Gorgeous Connie!
Who woulda thunk it?

Your daughter is going to love this and treasure it forever...when Mommy see's this I am sure she will want one also, be prepared to make many more I am sure of it!

Thanks for posting this especially since I can't sleep!

Darn pre-menopause...that's right I started it at the ripe old age of thirty-eight...BLAH! BLAH!!
My doctor's idea isn't working so man do I suffer.

What a great add on for the world to see on your beautiful post...sorry!


S. Etole said...

That looks like a fun project both to do and to receive ...

Brian said...

That is way cool, but we're a big fan of bags anyways!

Catherine said...

Well aren't you the crafty one! Love it!

Micaela said...

craft goddess i LOVE it!!!!!

Connie said...

Thanks you guys! You're awesome! It was my first attempt, so I was a little nervous! :)

Lisa - have you tried herbs? I went through it at an early age also (still going through it actually) and it sucks! BIG TIME!! But I've found herbal remedies, and a fan in the bedroom VERY helpful. My email address is if you'd like more info on the herbs I've used.

Yoj said...

You are THE craft master!

It's really pretty and I like the recipe book idea too. Where'd you hear about this?

Connie said...

Yoj - a friend of mine is REALLY into crafting of all sorts. I am far from the crafting queen she is, but when I saw the album she did I just had to give it a try! There are how-to video's on youtube though.