Saturday, July 17, 2010

Special Surprise..

My beautiful friend Jeanna sent me a care package.

It contained lots of amazing surprises. Soaps, and jellies, and recipes, and stationary, and crafts, and a beautiful hand knit scarf.

She even sent some special treats for Taliyah.

And as you can see Taliyah has taken a liking to one friend in particular, Ms Mousey. Ms Mousey gets lots and lots of Taliyah kisses.

Thanks Jeanna...luv ya! xxx


Jacqueline said...

Such nice gifts from your friend and an adorable photo of Taliyah biting Ms. Mousey's nose!!...Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Connie!

Brian said...

Ms Mousey sure has a cute new friend!

Catherine said...

How fun! Looks like Ms Mousey may not have a nose for much longer but she will still be cute! haha! Kurtis chewed the nose of Mickey Mouse when he was little... we still have him! :) (errr... Kurtis and Mickey... ha!)

xo Catherine

Yoj said...

Aww! How cute is she w/ Ms. Mousey! I should've picked up another one for back up! Ha!

Have you tried the jelly yet? ;)

I had fun putting it all together! xo