Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paid in full...

Every morning this winter, in 40 below weather, my husband has started my vehicle before heading off to work. So instead of having to scrape five inches of ice from my windshield, and listening to my teeth chatter while driving to work, I get into a warm, ice free car. He even starts my heated seat for me. Even my tushy is warm as I drive to work.

Seriously....how completely wonderful is that?!! But on the other side, it is not unlike my husband to do such wonderful & special things for myself and his girls. It is a normal occurrence!

He is a good man, and he takes VERY good care of us and over the many years we have been together, so seldom does he get (or even expect) the appreciation he deserves. Take vehicles for example...

All our married life we have had two vehicles - a good vehicle and a beater vehicle. The "beater" has always been his vehicle and I always get the good car. He wouldn't have it any other way!

So, after this looooong, cold winter of pampering, I decided it was time he got a little pampering of his own.

I just upgraded my husband's 1992 "beater" for a 2005 GMC Canyon 4x4. Sometimes people DO get what they deserve! *happy sigh*


Catherine said...

Hooray for hubby's that scrape our windows and sweep off the snow and start our car so it's nice and warm when we go to work! Woot woot!

Clearly neither one of us has a garage.... ;)

Nice set of new wheels for hubby!
xo Catherine

Carry Bacot said...

You’re such a sweet wife! Your husband definitely deserves a new car. I’m pretty sure he’ll love this new ride better than his old “beater”. The 2005 GMC Canyon 4x4 is one of the most reliable trucks I’ve test driven. It runs great and it’s very efficient on any type of terrain. Good choice, Connie!