Saturday, May 14, 2011

Their coming to take us away..aha...

Hubby and I watching TV - suddenly hubby looks at me....

Hubby: OMG....I believe we're losing our minds!!!

Me: why?

Hubby: we are sitting here, all alone..... Taliyah isn't here.....and we are watching Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs!

Me: hahaha! Oh yeah, I guess we are!!

Hubby: picks up the remote to change the channel

Me: WAIT!!

Hubby: Wait? Why?

Me: I wanna see what's going to happen.

Hubby: laughter

Yup...we've officially lost our minds!


Lisa said...

I find I do that too sometimes, I'm by myself and I put on treehouse to see what's coming on.

Love your new profile pic!

S. Etole said...

and very officially grandparents!!!