Thursday, June 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

14 years ago , my husband, my children, and myself moved 6000km away from the beautiful place we will always consider our home - Newfoundland. When I think back to that time in our lives, I can still feel the heartache of saying good bye to those we love. It was tough! It's still tough! And there are definitely days that are harder than others.

We miss our family...but we also miss the island itself. The smell of sea air on a warm summers night. The taste of the salt water on my lips as I walk along the shore. The sound of the waves as they crash upon the rocks with the tide. *sigh*

Newfoundland is a beautiful, magical place. A place that has a way of wrapping itself around your heart, and burying itself deep within your soul. And it doesn't seem to matter if you've vacationed there, or grown up there. For whatever the reasons, Newfoundland is a place that is not easily forgotten.

In 10 days we will be boarding a plane. Our first visit home together in 5 years. I can hardly wait!!!! :)


J said...

That's going to be the best trip & I can't wait to see your photos! :)

Lisa said...

Connie I didn't know you were from Newfoundland.
My father was from Nova Scotia.
Maritimers are the warmest people in the universe!
Kiss the Cod!