Saturday, July 16, 2011

Amazing things a Grandpa will do....

Taliyah: Pop, come Pop, get in bafftub Pop........*pats the water*

Pop: ...*after a little protest pulls his jeans to the knees and stands in the bath tub*

Taliyah: *still patting the water*.......Sit Pop, sit in bafftub Pop

Pop: *sits in*

Taliyah: *giggles*.......Look Nanny, Pop wet. Silly Pop


J said...

I love that!

From your posts, I can tell that Taliyah will always have a very close & special bond with you two!

On a side note- i cannot get over how big she's gotten!

S. Etole said...

I think it's why grandchildren keep us young!

kimbirdy said...

haha, that's so awesome!! what a fantastic way to live in the moment.

Catherine said...

Haha ~ isn't that the truth Connie! Grandpa's will do many many things for their grandkids that they would have never done for their own kids.

I remember my dad buying gum for Kurtis and going back to the store 3 times because he kept buying the wrong color gum. "Not that red gum Pappa!" 3 times to get the right 'red' gum?? Are you kidding me? I would never have gotten the gum in the first place! Ha!

Well... that's grandparent love for you.

Very cute!
xo Catherine

Lisa said...

What an amazing, wicked Grandpa!
She will remember that day FOREVER!!

Connie said...

How sweet! what we do for the love of grandchildren :)