Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing Our Furry Children

This is our chihuahua - Paco. Paco spends his time trying to keep the cats in line. He barks when they jump on the counter and ref's them when they playfight each other. Paco is also quite the singer... and howls like a wolf (on the hour) whenever our grandfather clock chimes.

This is our short haired calico - Leroy. She, yes "she" with the name Leroy, is the cuddly one of the group, or "the family tart" as my husband calls her. He calls her that because she loves to kiss and cuddle with everyone that comes into the house. The "tart" ! lol

Last but not least is our Siamese - Shadoe. Shadoe is the funny one of the group. He loves to whack the dog on the butt and run off, or steal something and hide it away. Shadoe is sly enough to sit and look all handsome (and innocent) like he does in the picture above, but don't let him fool you...when you turn your back he does something like this....

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Catherine said...

A coffee drinking cat? That is too funny! I love that Leroy is the family 'tart' ~ haha! I am sure Paco has his paws full trying to keep the two kitties in line.

Cats, pup, baby, daughters, hubby...I am thinking you have a house full of love indeed! :)

PS ~ love your QUOTES at the side!

Warm hugs! Catherine