Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Things

lazy Sundays snuggling with my husband
spending time with my daughters
my grand daughter's smile
the sound of laughter
the warmth of the sun
the fresh smell after a rain
the mountains
the ocean
warm summer breezes
sand between my toes
gazing at the stars
the sound of a windchime
the color pink
long bubble baths
warm hugs
handwritten letters
surprising a friend
puppy kisses
a good book
aha moments
finding joy in giving
seeing the good in others

I was inspired to create my "simple things" list by kat's cradle who was in turn inspired by soul aperture

soul aperture will donate $1 to doctors without borders to help the people of haiti for every 'simple things' post out there. Isn't that an absolutely wonderful thing to do!! All you need to do is leave a comment on her blog.


Catherine said...

All simple yet so wonderful!

Yiota said...

i can totally relate to your list; so simple, so precious, so beautiful!

Brian said...

That is a great list...I don't know where to start!

S. Etole said...

handwritten letters are one of my favorite ...

Christina said...

you love the color pink too? so very cool! your list brings me such joy!

SE'LAH... said...

friendship. mountains. and the ocean. speaks to my heart. stopping by to enjoy your list of simple things. one love.

S. Etole said...

I wanted to come back and thank you for your affirming words this morning ... it's appreciated!

Relyn said...

Isn't this idea of Christina's such fun? I love how many of us are roaming the blogroads stopping to say hello here and there. So, hello to you. Happy almost-Friday.

katrina lauren said...

connie what a special list. i just love reading all the things that people are sharing about these little things that can bring such big joy to their lives! i love pink's soft, cheery, girlie and oh so lovely {swoon} the smell after it rains; there really is nothing like it...and gazing at the stars brings me comfort. i look to the sky whenever i'm missing my grandpa...
thank you for sharing...your list in wonderful and so are you!

Lisa said...

What a great list.

Lisa said...

Head on over and watch a little video that could melt even one of the coldest hearts...

Erin said...

What a lovely list...

Kimbirdy said...

ooo... I love the smell after rain and sand between my toes! Great list! ;)

Kolleen said...

lovely list!!!

thank you for visting my blog today...i really appreciated your sweet comment!!

i will most certainly do this list and spread the word best i can!!

spending time with my!!

happy friday!

Jenners said...

I love so many of the same things on your list ... but I particularly liked "the warmth of rain." I know just what you mean!!!

thanks for the visit. It has been lovely and inspiring visiting all these simple things posts.