Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb 20th 2010

Our little angel is 7 months old today! Seven whole months! I can hardly believe it!!

The past 7 months have been filled with lots of firsts - first smiles, first words, first teeth, first foods, and now that she is learning to crawl it won't be long before we add "first steps" to that list. I wouldn't have traded a single second and I feel blessed to have her living here with us! It just amazes me how quickly time flies ....before we know it she will be celebrating her 1st birthday!

Something else that amazes me though is this, knowing that for the past 7 months neither my grand daughter's father (or his family) have bothered to see how she is doing. Not one word from either of them! The last time they saw her she was hooked up to IV and had a whole list of medical concerns. Yet, neither of them have been concerned enough to follow up.

I guess I just don't understand a person knowing that they have a daughter/grand daughter in the world but not wanting anything to do with her. It's so sad! So heartless! Seven months of her life that they can never get back - all those memories they will never know.

I realize it is their loss, but I can't help but feel sorry for my grand daughter...because no matter how you slice it, the day will come when she'll have questions about them. "Where's my Daddy?" "Didn't he love me?"

Oh I know that one day, please God, some wonderful young man will come along to love my daughter and grand daughter far more than that creep ever could. Far more than him or his family are capable of.

My grand daughter will have a "Dad" to cheer at her soccer games, bring flowers to her concerts, dance with her at Grad, and to walk her down the aisle. She deserves to be loved like that! They both deserve to be loved like that! And I have faith that they will!

But yet, when those sparkling blue eyes look into mine, and she smiles so innocently at me, sometimes it saddens me just a little. It saddens me to know that her precious little heart has already been scarred and there wasn't a darn thing we could do to stop it.


Catherine said...

7 months old! Where did that time go? Yup ~ before you know it those little feet will be running! She is so beautiful Connie.

One can never understand what goes on in the minds of other people. You may never know what keeps her biological father and his parents away. I guess that's why biology is one thing and being a 'real' dad or mom is another. They don't have to be connected.

A very special man will indeed come into your daughter's life one day and will love them both for who they are, but until then, with all the love and support this sweet little girl is getting from her mamma and all of you, she is sure to grow up to be a very special little girl! :)


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Sometimes words cannot ease pain, I think our "Aha" moment comes along when we are least expecting it.

One day a Mr. Wonderful will come breezing into your daughter's life and her life will be everything she could ever hope to be and more.
Your granddaughter will have and live a well loved life. How could she not you are her grandmother smothering her with affection and boundless love.
She hasn't missed out on a thing.

Hugs and love coming your way from Alberta.

S. Etole said...

What a precious little girl ...

Yoj said...

Wow, 7 months?! How did that happen? Of course, she is just so stunning. I've enjoyed getting to catch up with you & yours over here.

As for the other family- like you said, their loss. One can only hope that they will wake up and realize what they've missed and try to mend that fence.


katrina lauren said...

though i'm not a parent, this summer brought me the realization of how hard it is to watch your children hurt...i saw it in my parents faces. though i can't even imagine how it hurts you to know the disconnect that him & his family causes you it makes me wonder if this is their character maybe it is best that they are not involved in her life as well as your daughter's? would they continually just disappoint you all over and over again if there was involvement....for this seems to be their character. god placed her in the loving care of you all...and you envelope her in your love everyday. i was talking to my friend the other day who found herself feeling very much alone with a sweet baby girl 9 years ago...wondering if her daughter would have a father figure to grow up with and if she would find her forever love...well she did and he loves chloe and treats her with a father's love...i always have to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and to trust that god has everything figured out...i think there is a grand plan for your beautiful daughter & her sweet baby....

Erin said...

I couldn't say it better than Katrina did. And how lucky for your sweet grand-daughter to have you in her life. She will be surrounded by love, no matter what!

Connie said...

I never knew my biological father...I ended up with the best DAD in the world. He said he was lucky he was allowed to pick me. It is my wish that your daughter and granddaughter will be blessed with someone wonderful!

My stepdaughter has two children that her husband adopted and they adore him...he is a great dad. they now have a child together and plan on a few more.