Monday, February 1, 2010

Just CHEW it!!

After lunch hubby laid on the couch while I cleaned up. Paco, our chihuahua, jumped up (with his chewy bone) and laid behind him.

Paco laid there, chewing away on his bone, until it was time for hubby and I to leave for the grocery store.

We had lost track of time and everything was closing in 30 minutes, so we were a little rushed.

We jumped into the car and raced to the store.

As soon as we parked I got out and dashed for the store, while hubby stopped to get a cart.

Hubby came inside and met me in the aisle.

As we were shopping a couple of people passed us and made a little snicker. We just looked at each other and thought..."Hmmm that's kind of strange"...but we just kept on shopping.

In the produce aisle it happened again.

A couple of young kids passed us, then laughed and whispered to each other.

By now we are thinking "What the heck?" We kinda gave each other the once over, but we both looked fine. No hair sticking mess on our face. So, we chalked it up to being paranoid and continued shopping.

While we were picking up milk and eggs a friend of ours came over and asked hubby if he felt a draft?

We looked at each other.... and he immediately asked her why?

She said, "cuz there's a huge hole in the ass of your pants!"

He reached behind and sure enough.

It seems that while Paco was laying behind hubby, he was chewing a little more than just his bone. He had chewed a hole right through the ass of hubby's pants.

While hubby slithered off to the car, my friend and I stood there, trying desperately to control our laughter.


Brian said...

Sorry Paco's Dad, that one made my whiskers grin up!

Lisa said...

Too funny!
See it is so very true, we must carry our camera's at all times!

Catherine said...

OMG - lol - that is hilarious!!! Too too funny!

Christina said...

too funny! 1 for paco- o for daddy. : )

katrina lauren said...

Bahahahaaha....that is too funny! thanks for the good laugh at 'hubby's' expense! i love it.

Kimbirdy said...

That is awesome! I mean, embarrassing, but also completely hilarious! :)